Lorraine Jordan & Dolly Parton

Lorraine and Eddy Raven making "I Got Mexico" video

Lorraine and band with The Kentucky Headhunters

the day they shot their video for "Runnin' Water"

Lorraine and Jim Ed Brown doing vocals on "You Can Have Her".

This was prior to Jim Ed beginning his cancer treatments.

Lorraine with John Conlee in studio

getting ready to lay vocals
down on "Common Man"

Lorraine and Lee Greenwood after

doing the vocals on his hit "Dixie Road"

Lorraine listening to Marty sing his lines

at Skaggs Place Studio on "Boogie Grass Band"

Some of the artist from Country Grass, who recorded

at Skaggs Place Studio for the "Country Grass" Project.

"The project assembles some of country's most famous voices for string-based versions of their hits." - Rolling Stone  

Rolling Stone /


A Mixture of Traditional Bluegrass with Classic Country

“As I have been a jock for almost ever, I grabbed Eddy Ravens first. I wanted to see how he did with Bluegrass. All I can say is “Holy Smokes”. What a great CD. I have a bunch of listeners that are always interested in our older country done up bluegrass style. Well this CD has that and more. His country hits done bluegrass style are fantastic!!! And I really like cuts 1, 2, 3, and 12.” “As an “old” deejay still hangin’ on, I was a huge fan of Eddy Raven. So lets talk about All Grassed Up. I always check to see who wrote the music because certain writers have certain styles. Eddy Raven is a master of getting the right “hook” into a song. For instance, one of the greatest hooks in any song was from his song, Thinking it Over. It catches you no matter what side of the event you are on…..I’ve been thinkin’ it over, and you’re all over me. Means one thing to him and something different for her. I know it is not on the CD, but it IS Eddy Raven. From the song, Island…”I might sail forever and never find that Island again.” Was there a physical island or was it some other place filled with love and peace. Again, it IS Eddy Raven. And one more that most all of us, especially as we grow older, can actually feel is from Thank God for Kids. “Thank God there’s magic for a while’. Think about it. As far as the CD goes, All Grassed Up is definitely a “hook” in a great song. Some folks might think it means one thing and others think it means something else. Which is it? Doesn’t matter. It IS Eddy Raven. Ok, other thoughts on that CD. I love Good Morning Country Rain, but the whole CD is fantastic.”
“I was an Eddy Raven fan back in my country radio days so it’s been fun hearing his and Lorraine’s bluegrass updates to his songs.”
“I was pleasantly surprised with Eddie Raven’s All Grassed Up. I’ve played It on my main live show for at least two weeks now. I also voted it high on my BU ballot. Incidentally back in the early 1990’s I was the emcee at Tombstone Junction Music & Theme Park and had the pleasure of working with Eddie. I’ll try to find a pic and email it this weekend.”
“Eddy Ravens new CD is a great CD, with All Grassed Up being the most popular track, I charted it at number 4 on my Bluegrass Unlimited Top Ten chart for next month, I think this could be a number 1 for Eddy, giving all songs airplay.”
“I do like Eddy Raven and have missed hearing from him for some time. I was surprised to hear he had a bluegrass album!! I just don’t think he should mix his gulf coast/cajun sound with grass. Bayou Boys and Island, etc. just don’t work on my shows. But those songs are on my iPad from the original album ‘Temporary Sanity’. Maybe younger folks don’t know about Eddy, and thus will find these songs on a bluegrass album just fine. ‘Too Wet to Plow’ is great, as is the title track.”
"The project assembles some of country's most famous voices for string-based versions of their hits." - Rolling Stone  
"John Anderson Re-Recorded 'Seminole Wind' and It Is Even Better Than You Remember" - One Country

Lorraine Jordan joined Webster Public Relations at their Legendary Lunch to help kick-off Country Radio Seminar at The Palms, where music legends from the 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s came together with program directors from various country stations for great stories, great laughter & great food!